Kenyan Youths Punch The Daylights Out Of Chinese Rail Workers In Narok County

At least fourteen Chinese railway workers were assaulted by youths agitating their exclusions from job opportunities. The incident took place at a construction site in Narok County, in the south-west of the country.

The Chinese workers said more than 200 club and sword-wielding youth boxed their ears. The attackers were allegedly shouting and chanting as they clobbered on them.

The victims are receiving treatment at the Narok Referral Hospital following the attack. However, the workers were not the only people attacked, as a journalist who was filming the work for a local television station was also pounded on.

Local youths have been asking for a share of the construction jobs in an ongoing Railway project of about $3.8bn (£2.8bn).

This is the second of this kind of incident in the area. It can be recalled that angry youths have attacked and injured 14 Chinese nationals at the Duka Moja railway construction site on the Narok-Maai Mahiu road in Narok County.

Kenyan youths assault Chinese rail workers over jobs Chinese railway workers

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Recently, more than 300 youths carried out somewhat peaceful demonstration against  a Chinese contractor at the Duka Moja trading centre, demanding jobs. Police later dispersed them after they tried to block the major roads.

In fact, for some time, tensions have been high between Kenyan and foreign staff, as many locals are angry over what they see as unfair treatment. This is because expatriate employees enjoy larger allowances, security, housing, a vehicle and comprehensive attractive medical insurance.

And most Kenyan staff feel their foreign colleagues are being over-pampered.

Also lately, Kenya introduced a law guiding on the employment of foreigners in Kenya. The authorities say, with some exceptions, foreigners should not be employed if there are Kenyans who can do the job.

Based on a statement by the Ministry of Devolution, it will at the time of speaking, only issue work permits to expatriates in instances where Kenyans lack the requisite skills and qualifications to undertake such jobs.