Kenyans’ Tweet #WeAreACorruptNationBecause Sheds Light On Why The Nation is Graft-Stricken

Last month, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta described all Kenyan citizens as people who are “experienced in stealing, insulting and perpetuating other crimes”.  In  response to the comment president Uhuru had made in Israel which says Kenyans are smart criminals, Kenyans on social media took to twitter to express their views. They use the hashtag #WeAreACorruptNationBecause to provide the reasons why they believe their country is corrupt. They streamed the platform accusing the leaders in the past and even now who have contributed massively to the rampant corruption.

However they didn’t just accuse the leader. In a seemingly ironical tone, they generalised the graft which has hit the country hard so much so that it gained global recognition for graft.

It was such a good opportunity for many to let out their views.

See some of the tweets that caught our eyes:

President Uhuru Kenyatta went on attack against all Kenyans. In a fierce public criticism, he referred to his own nationals as criminals on account of the endemic corruption in Kenya.

President Uhuru lambasted Kenyans for the rampant cases of corruption and tribalism being spread all over the country at the expense of nation building.

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Speaking of corruption, there are several stories of corruption flooding the media about East Africa’s biggest economy at the moment.

Of course we know about the never-ending NYS scandal that has roped in several big wigs and persons in the country. New stories have been emerging, all in a bid to confuse and prolong the matter.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had issued a dismissal letter to five of his ministers and other senior state officials just last year due to allegations of corruption. And the all-embracing graft tales continue to rock the country.