With growing number of immigrants in Tanzania, the country began an operation to sieve out the illegal immigrants from legal ones. The operation is allegedly to capture foreigners who reside as well as work in the country without permits.

In the course of this operation, China and Burundi have been named the two countries with the largest number of illegal immigrants in Dar es Salaam when set side by side with other countries.

As expected, the operation which started on December 8 last year, till January 14 this year, has so far featured the arrest of about 285 Chinese nationals who have no permits.

Coming in second is Burundi whose 284 citizens were arrested as well. Ethiopia dominates the third spot as 157 Ethiopians were arrested during the process.

Other people who were also taken into custody come from different countries including, India (41), Zambia (40), DRC (34), Malawi (27), Kenya (26), Uganda (13), Ivory Coast (10), Korea (9), Nigeria (8), Somalia (7), Madagascar (5), Rwanda (3). One person each from Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa was also arrested. While the citizenship of 11 other illegal workers remains a controversy.

Sadly, Kenya has the highest number of nationals working without permits in Dar es Salaam in the whole of East Africa.

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According to Minister of Internal Affairs of State, Charles Grind, while speaking over the weekend:

Some of these foreigners have been taken to refugee camps, mostly civilians who came from Burundi, some have received orders to leave the country and others their cases are in various stages court.

Grind noted that the operation to capture foreign nationals living and working in the country without permits is necessary and valid. Grind also explained that his ministry has issued up to 40,765 visitors from various countries permits between 2014 and January this year and that number continues to surge everyday. He added that:

Foreigners who have been dismissed for various reasons in 2015 is 1,642.