Kenya’s Very Own ‘The Apprentice’ – BYOB Set To Premiere This Monday

Blaze By Safaricom, a brand which had a lot of buzz towards the end of last year by carrying out various youth entrepreneurial mentorship summit.

The brand is finally set to get the ball rolling on its TV Show BYOB (Be Your Own Boss).

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The show which triggers the feeling of The Apprentice Show once hosted by Donald Trump is somewhat different, as it has been designed specifically to relate to the Kenyan audience and businesses.

BYOB – Be Your Own Boss

The BYOB TV Show is a reality show that showcases youth’s entrepreneurial talent and encourages them to create their own job. The show comprises of 12 contestants selected from 5 regions in Kenya (Nairobi, Central, Coast, Western and Rift Valley).

The first series of the BYOB TV Show premieres on KTN on Monday the 6th of February; between 8 pm and 9 pm. The show will run every Monday for a period of 8 weeks until the final Boss is chosen. Working with various mentors and established brands, contestants will be eliminated in line with their performances from various business tasks intended to show their entrepreneurial skills.

Elimination And Grand Prize


A number of contestants will be eliminated every week for a period of 8 weeks and the final Boss walks away with a grand prize worth KES 5 million. We’ve also been informed to note that no contestant will go home empty handed; there is a consolation prize for all (in-line with supporting their businesses).

The Judges

The 3 judges have all been selected based on their achievements in various fields of investment. The only female judge goes by the name Caroline Mutoko, known to be one of the favorite radio personality giants in Kenya. The next judge is known to be one of the best rappers in East Africa, widely known by the name Rabbit (King Kaka). He has not just excelled in the music business world but in a number of entrepreneurial spaces too.

Finally, the third judge was Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2016. Trushar Khetia the founder of Tria Group of Companies deals in advertising and retail chain of supermarkets, currently present in Nairobi, Thika, Naivasha, Meru and Maua.

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”The selection of the judges was not easy. These three judges represent what we feel Kenyan youth can relate to; a burning passion for business, a desire to tread the unconventional path and a hunger for success,” said Bob Collymore – Safaricom CEO during the launch of the TV show.

”With Caroline, Trushar and King Kaka, we’re presenting to contestants and the audience three Kenyans who are excelling in their fields, who know what it takes to succeed and who are willing to share what they’ve learned on their journeys to where they are now,” he added.

I believe this is a big move for Kenya in line with the empowerment of youths. Thanks to Safaricom, this was made possible. More companies should invest on such paths when focusing on youths empowerment and impact. More content and shows like this available locally in Kenya will go a long way in changing the mindset of our youths today.

Check out the preview below: