Kenya's Corruption Perception Index Ranking

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has launched another attack on President Kenyatta regarding Kenya’s corruption perception index ranking.

He was reacting to Kenya being ranked one of the most corrupt countries in Africa and on the globe by Transparency International.

Kenya was placed 145th out of the 176 countries ranked, with a score of 26.

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Mr. Odinga, who will be challenging President Kenyatta’s re-election bid, attacked the Jubilee run government over increased corruption, calling out the president as the “patron of the corrupt”.

Speaking at his Karen home on Friday, Mr. Odinga said Kenya’s corruption perception index ranking should have elicited a reaction from the Jubilee leader.

Raila told the gathered press:

”Uhuru is the patron of the corrupt since corruption is the only industry doing well in Kenya.”

“We expect Uhuru to tell us the status quo of our country and how we got there and where he is taking us. War on corruption in Kenya is now a lost cause. Kenya is playing with the real giants in the corruption index.”

Raila further added that Kenya had returned to the super league of corruption, due to the government’s gimmicks.

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In 2016, Kenya’s corruption perception index ranking attained a below average score which was similar to the score attained in 2014.

The corruption report noted that despite the adoption of few anti-corruption laws by Kenya, the east African giant had a long way to go.

It noted that President Kenyatta has put in some effort but said it might not be enough to ensure his re-election come August.

Uhuru has made the fight against corruption a main priority if he gets re-elected. He called the situation frustrating and once publicly scolded government officials over the vice.

He said:

“Corruption is frustrating me. The pressure is on me to do something about corruption but my hands are tied.”

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In the Ranking, neighbors Rwanda ranked 54th with 50 points and Ethiopia, 108th with 34 points. Tanzania came in 116th with 32 points and Uganda 151st with 25 points.

Burundi got placed 159th with 20 points, Sudan 170th with 14 points, war-torn South Sudan placed 175th – 11 points, with last place going to another war ravaged nation, Somalia, 176 with 10 points.