Meet Kenya’s Most Stunning CEO Who Isn’t Scared Of Marrying Less Rich Man

Elcy Yosef is a 28-year-old woman who is named the most stunning CEO in Kenya. She chose to set aside her beauty and chase money through hard work.

She is the founder and owner of Campia Ethiopian Lounge, located in Utalii House along Utalii Street in Nairobi’s CBD. According to her statements, she finds it pleasing to be recognized for what she can do, and not for the look of her face or body.

She manages and controls her business at the restaurant, and documented her chronicles herself. The entrepreneur noted that her Lounge has lived for five years now as the business was established in 2011.

Recalling how the strides were when she began, the proprietor of Campia Ethiopian Lounge revealed that she started the business with about 8 table or less but the business has aged in success.

And now, through sheer hard work, she has added other services to her menu including putting up a bar, entertainment, and so on. These she says were provided at her clients’ requests because her clients stay long into the night.

Speaking on growth, she noted that she is still working harder to grow even the more and for that reasons she keeps interacting with her numerous customers and listens to their concern.

Tabling her journey to entrepreneurship, the queen noted that she got a job immediately after completing high school. But her employer’s ill-treatment pushed her out of the job sooner than she thought.

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Coming back to her mum, the not-so-rich-woman sponsored her in putting up a boutique business along Nairobi’s Moi Avenue. Fortunately, business went well and she decided to spread even more. Within a year she opened up two shops were she sold wears.

Though boutique business was booming she craved more for hospitality business. So she saved up a good amount and moved fully into the restaurant business.

She has built her goodwill so much so that dignitaries now patronize her. And amazingly, her service, and the choice of food she cooks have brought the likes of Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho whose favourite spot is Campia Lounge, whenever he visits Nairobi.

She chose Ethiopian cuisine above all because she has Ethiopian roots even though she was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenyan,

She does not only do Ethiopian meals, but also continental meals as her business intends to accommodate everyone.

She has a bachelor degree in finance at Mount Kenya University and is currently pursuing her long-dream legal career at a law school at University of Nairobi – now in her second year of studies.

Her advice to all women is to stay focused, stand firmly on their grounds, pursue their dreams, urging them to be financially driven, and not live in hopes that a man will be their fairy tale heroes who will someday come and rescue them from the doldrums of poverty.

She added that women should be economically productive on their own to take important spots in the society, so that they wont be afraid of settling with a man less richer than they are.