#KenyaVsNigeria – Kenyans And Nigerians Brutalize Each Other In Twitter War Of Words

KenyaVsNigeria is on again. My first reaction was ‘Oh no, not again’, but it did happen and we can’t ignore it.

So it’s no longer news that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made quite the trip on his journey to Africa. First he went to Nigeria, had a lot of fun time eating the Nigerian jollof rice, and then made a round trip to Kenya and back to Nigeria.

While in Kenya, the billionaire had fun eating local food and hanging out at the local safari. More importantly, he met with the ICT minister and other ministers just the same way he did in Nigeria.

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Mark had a good time so we still don’t understand why Nigerians and Kenyan can’t just follow suit and let it be fun all through. Well, they did do that if you can call brutalizing each other the new kind of fun time in Africa.

So long after Mark has forgotten about his visit t Africa, the hashtag KenyaVsNigeria has become the major brand of the war of words between Kenya and Nigeria.

Some of the tweets are hilarious while others are just downright mean. Check them out.

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See what I mean? Some of those tweets are mean and a total disgrace to Africa.

Why must Africans continue to make themselves objects of mockery even when no one is amused. Is it too much to ask that we for once be civil to each other and not make even the most serious situation an object of mockery thereby belittling each other’s accomplishments.

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If we do this to each other, why wont others do it to us.

Africa is great and it has some of the greatest people the world can boast of. Let’s celebrate her instead of demeaning her.

United we stand, Divided we Fall.