Kiambu MCAs

Kiambu MCAs have passed a motion that will compel companies to employ 70% of locals.

The County Assembly members unanimously agreed that all public and private institutions and companies must employ up to 70% of their workforce from the local dominant community.

A failure to comply will lead to the licenses and permits of the companies to be revoked.

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Kiambu Town MCA Anthony Ikenya moved the motion claiming that Kiambu residents were suffering from unemployment yet most companies and industries operating in the county outsource their labor.

Ikenya, who is also Majority Leader, argued that several institutions within the county had continued to contravene legal provisions in respect to employing at least 70 percent of dominant ethnic communities in a county and reserve 30 percent to non-dominant ethnic communities as specifically enshrined in section 65(1) of the County Government Acts 2012.

Ndeiya Ward MCA, Gideon Gachara, cited the ongoing construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in his ward when making his argument.

He said that a majority of the workers in the project are from other counties.

Juja MCA, Kaplesh Rjan, who is from the minority communities, said the motion will help alleviate hopelessness among the majority of the youth who have acquired skills in school but have no jobs.

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Public and private institutions and companies in Kiambu County that could be affected by the new legislative include Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Mount Kenyatta University.

Others are Alliance Boys and Girls schools, the good number of manufacturing firms within Thika such as Delmonte and Bidco Oils, and also the tea and coffee multi-national companies.

This new law is sure to receive backlash from the public as a retrogressive move as well as from the national government who has been pushing for unity and integration across the country.