Kilifi Man Burned To Death Because Of Flesh-Biting Steam

A man was burned to death this morning by a furious mob in Mtwapa, Kilifi. Based on reports, the man (aged about 45-65) attacked mourners at Erick Mechi’s home in Kwa Goa area at around midnight.

Following the first attack, nobody could definitively tell the whereabouts of the seemingly mentally-ill man. Later, they heard a shout from Gladys Shoka. And on getting there, it was the same and this time he had gone to attack Gladys Shoka at her house.

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Mechi said the unidentified man could have been suffering from rabies.

When he came to my home everything was fine until he started biting people. We tried to calm him down but he became wilder and continued attacking people. He was beaten and ran away.

Narrating how it all started, Mech said people were unaware until they heard noises.

Quoting Mech

Minutes later, we heard the woman shouting. When we reached her home we saw it was the same man.

The man was forced into an unknown place by the mob after the attack.

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Kilifi police boss Joshua ole Leina, revealed the mob responded to Shoka’s distress call and killed the man.

Quoting ole Leina

When he was chased from the funeral he went to Shoka’s house at around 00.30am and bit her. She raised the alarm and people who were trailing him responded and killed him before burning the body.

It is a strange thing because this man bites any person he sees.

The body of the dead man has been deposited in Coast General Hospital mortuary.

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Image courtesy: The Star