Guilty To Killing Her 20-Month-Old Daughter

UK woman faces a murder conviction after she pleaded guilty to killing her 20-month-old daughter three years ago, before fleeing to Kenya.

Angela Whitworth smothered her daughter, Sarah Dahane, with a bin bag at their home in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

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She was finally arrested this year in Uganda in a joint operation by authorities there and Thames Valley Police after they offered a £10,000 reward.

Angela claimed to be Haleen Mohammed, a Ugandan citizen, when authorities caught up with her before she was deported.

Searches on her computer revealed a rotary club application and a CV in the name of Haleen Mohammed.

Her search engine contained searches like ”find a rich man to marry”, ”do men from United Arab Emirates marry black women” as well as Sarah Dahane, her daughters name. There was also a search for ”My child was murdered stories.”

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The prosecutor, Sally Howes, told the court that Angela feared she would lose custody of Sarah to her ex-husband, Nabil Dahane. She wanted to take Sarah with her and return to the family home in Kenya which Mr Dahane tried to block.

Guilty To Killing Her 20-Month-Old Daughter

Howes went on to narrate to the court how the body of the little girl was found. She said police found Sarah laying in the middle of the bed on her tummy, with her head to one side.

Howes said:

”She was cold to touch and in early stages of rigor mortis, and wearing only a nappy. There were no visible signs of injury or blood.”

”There were a pair of tights on the floor with a knot in them as well as a bin liner. She was gagged with the tights in her mouth and placed in a bin liner where she was smothered to death.”

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Whitworth wept as the gory details of her daughter’s murder was narrated to the court for the first time. Her sentencing will come in the following weeks.