Kind-Hearted People Pay Fees For Boy Who Nearly Sold His Kidney.

Jeffray Swaka is a boy who took a radical step in order to further his education. It is normal for a child to want to be in school because his friends are there or simply because he loves education but it is very strange and so much on the extreme for a child to opt for selling his kidney in order to be in school.

Jeffray Swaka says,

I am willing to sell my kidney to raise Sh 53,000 form one admission fees.

But it is not to be as the 14 year old boy has been enrolled into Kenyatta High School-Mwatate following help extended to him by good-hearted people from all corners of the world because of his resolution. It is really true that whoever is willing to loose his life for a course will only end up gaining it.

The story of Jeffray was initially relayed on Standard online where it drew a lot of attention both from people in Kenya and in diaspora and surprisingly, within a short space of time, the young boy’s hope of joining his mates in the secondary school became a reality.

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Hellen was the first to send her support after reading the story by paying Sh 27,019 to take care of Jeff’s first term fees and she was soon followed by Francis Joseph from US who paid Sh 27,054 thereby completing the fees to cover for his form one.

To further the course, Kenyan citizens living in Dubai led by Tony Kahuria began a group on WhatsApp tagged ‘Jeffray Needs Us’. They raised Sh 38,008 presently kept in the account of the school as part of the payment for his form two. As Kahuria said,

It is a blessing to see Jeffray going to school. May God bless all who have stood with Jeffray as he starts the journey to achieve his dream career of being a doctor.

Ruth Ambogo and Samuel Onyango, the founders of Educate Empower Africa took it upon themselves to pull money together and send it to Jeffray’s mother, Selinah Swaka, for the purchase of the things he needs.

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the boy, excited, said this to The Standard when he was finally leaving home for school.

I thank all who came to my rescue. I was almost losing hopes of joining secondary but God through friends I am now going to school.

He promised to work very hard in school to make A-grades in his KCSE in order to study his dream course (Medicine) in a tertiary institution. In the words of Jeffray Swaka,

I want to be a doctor in future. I will do my best in my studies to achieve my passion. Once again I thank those who have supported me by restoring hopes when I had nothing to cling on.

Selinah Swaka, the mother of Jeffray Swaka who had been bedridden for months as a result of a road accident, could not hold back the tears of joy chocking her as she said,

I had almost given up but I thank all who have come to the rescue of my son. I have nothing to pay them but may God expand their territories.

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She thanked the news agency for telling her son’s story to the world.

I do not know what to say but I thank every person who has stood with my son. It is like a dream for me because I did not that my son will manage to go to his school of choice. I got a lot of support through MPESA and other means and I happy my son is now in school.

We also hope that Benjamin Wanjala will be as lucky as Jeffray in his quest to raise the funds necessary to pay for the admission which he got in Mang’u High School in Kiambu county. Benjamin is also willing to part with one of his kidneys in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a surgeon. As the young boy said,

Because my father is unable to raise my fees, I have at my tender age offered to sell my kidney, our science teacher taught us that a person can survive with one kidney and for me I’m ready to part with one of my kidneys to realize my dreams.

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Benjamin resorted to giving up his kidney after his father’s attempt to get help from the ward and CDF bursary kitties failed. Bernard Manyasi (the father) in disappointment reported that,

I went to my MCA Robert Makhanu but I didn’t get any assistance, I also visited my MP Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy but all has been in vain, and more painful when I approached one of the elected leaders from this sub county he rudely chased me away from his office warning me not to take my burden to him.

I pray Benjamin gets the help he needs knowing he might be the surgeon that’ll save me or you tomorrow.