Girl Power! Kiambu Women Beat Up Men Found Drinking Early In The Morning

Fearless women in King’eero have taken power into their hands in a bid to battle alcohol addiction among men in the region.

The women formed a group called Destiny of King’eero Women’s Group whose aim is to monitor bars and other drinking spots in King’eero township.

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On Wednesday morning, the group consisting of more than 50 women, invaded the home of a suspected chang’aa seller and found four men drunk.

The men, knowing what their fate was, tried to escape but were later caught near a maize plantation where the women beat them mercilessly.

A member of the group said many young men in the area patronize the chang’aa seller and do not endeavor to put food on the table.

”Many young men have been affected as they normally flock the home on early mornings. They do not bring anything home but still ask for food.”

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The women’s group chairperson, Jane Chege, confirmed that the women during the raid found 10 liters of chang’aa in branded bottles.


She lamented that many women in the area have been miserable as their partners, who are alcoholics, do not satisfy them sexually. They also do not fend for them.

The seller, who was identified as Franco Okori, was beaten and marched to King’eero police station with a sample of his brew.

The 50-year-old man denied brewing the drink, saying he had bought the alcohol from a distributor in Westlands.

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The area OCS Njeri Nthiga locked him up as investigations into the matter continue.

King’eero, near Wangige, is one of the hardest hit regions suffering from the use of the illicit brew. It is the same region where MP Ferdinand Waititu led raids on shops selling it.