Kingi and Joho Denounces Jubilee’s Ploy To Blackmail Coastal MPs

Governor Kingi (Kilifi) and Governor Joho (Mombasa) recently decried Jubilee’s moves to force residents and MPs of the Coast to support the Jubilee-Government as a condition for development, urging the Coast to resist such exaction.

According to the two governors, the government had been trying all it could to get support from members of the Opposition, including and especially with the use of blackmail.

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According to Kingi, development is the right of all Kenyans, and therefore the government has no right to hold someone or a group of Kenyan natives to ransom on that account; least of all, the condition that such person or group of persons join support of the leading government.

He also warned President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy against any kind of wheedling to force the support of people for the leading party.

In his words,

The Jubilee administration has been poaching ODM and CORD leaders and use them to lure Coast people to support the Government before they get development and that will not be allowed.

According to Joho, development from the government is the right of all Kenyans regardless of their political affiliations or parties.

Kingi also accused the seating government of not being committed to devolution. Joho on the other hand, accused the Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa of deceiving the nation as a whole about gang activities going on at the coast. He challenged Marwa to begin arresting those he had said were the masterminds behind the people involved in the reported gang outbursts.

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Meanwhile, some CORD leaders and supporters, including and especially Mtengo, have also disclosed that certain Jubilee moguls, whose names were withheld, had approached them with mouth-watering offers to jump ship from ODM and go over to the Jubilee camp.

Joho further stated that Jubilee was also using blackmail to force some local legislators to support the government against the Opposition.

The two governors made these utterances in several rallies held in Kijiwetanga and at Msabaha, just near Malindi town.