Kisumu Governorship

The daughters of Kisumu Governorship aspirants Jack Ranguma and Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o are set to go head to head after the two have weighed in on county politics.

Prof. Nyong’o’s famous daughter, Lupita, first weighed in on the election after she sent out a video appealing to the people of Kisumu to elect her father. Lupita talked up her dad in the 3-minute long video, putting out his record of development for her millions of followers to see.

The video somewhat went viral, garnering a number of shares and likes from her fans all over the world. She promised that her father would grow Kisumu into a center of excellence as he helped her and her siblings grow into who they are today.

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Lupita’s message met mixed reactions from Kenyans online with a few people bashing her for delving into the Kisumu governorship race.

The most notable reactor to Lupita’s statement was Jack Ranguma’s daughter. The incumbent Kisumu governor’s last born daughter, Tanya Ranguma, fired back at Lupita, saying that if anything, Lupita should be endorsing her father.

“Based on her statements, Lupita should really be a Ranguma supporter, because the developments she has witnessed in Kisumu over the last few years are actually things that my father has done, without any help from Professor Nyong’o,” said Tanya.

Tanya, who also resides in the United States but returned for the campaign season, went on to question Prof. Nyong’o’s development record. She mentioned his stints as MP for Seme and Kisumu rural constituency which did not bring any notable change. She accused the Professor of stifling development.

On the other hand, Tanya described her father, who leads Lupita’s father in a recent poll by TIFA, as a servant leader who only wants the advancement of the county’s residents.