Kitui Man Lives With Dead Wife And Child Believing They Would Ressurect

Every now and then we come across stories of people living with corpses in different parts of the world.

Reasons range from religious to cultural beliefs or just simply people not being able to let go of their loved ones.

This Kitui man found living with the corpses of his wife and child for three years fits the loved one description but with a little bit of insanity.

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The man, identified as Kitui Munyoki of Ndaluni village in Kitui County, said he was ”following instructions” from his late wife not to bury her. She allegedly told her husband of 11 years that he should ”wait for seven years as she would resurrect.”

The story unfolded after Munyoki’s mother-in-law, Pauline Ndunge, visited him on Friday after making countless effort to speak to her daughter, Ndila. Munyoki always came up with excuses of Ndila not wanting to talk to her over the phone or not being available.

Mrs Ndunge in the company of Munyoki’s mother insisted on seeing Ndila when they arrived the man’s home. He took them to one of his dilapidated houses which has served as the dead bodies resting place.

”He opened the door, walked straight in and without flinching, dusted the body of my daughter on the face. He then said, ‘look, here she is, you can talk to her’,” Ndunge narrated. The body of the child also lay at the other corner of the house seemingly well preserved.

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The area chief and police were immediately informed before Munyoki was arrested and the bodies taken to Migwani Sub-county Hospital Mortuary.

Munyoki displayed signs of mental incapacity or as Ndunge put it, ”satanism” when he asked her what she discussed with his wife after she had gone to see the bodies in the mortuary.

Kyome Location Chief Grace Muli, who knew Munyoki for years, described him as “a loner but very hardworking man.” Villagers described the man as being recluse.

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Migwani police are requesting the court to give them more time to investigate the cases properly before charges are filed against Munyoki.