Wilson Sossion To Uhuru: Allow Secondary Students Have Phones In School

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General Wilson Sossion has set-off his latest firestorm within the education sector when he demanded that the ban of phones for students be lifted.

According to Sossion, it will do a lot of good in aiding learning if the government will allow secondary students own phones in school, adding that it will serve as a way of digitizing education in the country.

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Likening phones to computers, he said the era of being inward and close-minded has passed, so students in schools should be allowed to use phones that can aid research.

“Let us not continue imprisoning them while dreaming of revolutionizing ICT in the country. Innovations in the IT are done by youth and the country should move in that direction”, he said.

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He urged the Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to lift the embargo on phone and issue a circular immediately for it to be allowed. The Knut Secretary General said it was misleading to make Kenyans believe that phones aid in exam cheating.

“Kenyans should not be misled that cheating is being aided by parent visit to schools in third term or phones or even phones while it is common knowledge that people at the Examination Council are behind leakages.

Learners are being held back from breaking new grounds by being denied to utilize technology and it should be given priority so that the country can move fast”.

He further said that the country risks taking advantage of the fast changing technology in the world if it continues to deny students the chance of using technology in the learning environment.

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Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion also said the ban on social activities in schools during 3rd term should be revoked for calm to be restored in schools.

He at the same time asked Teachers Service Commission to revoke interdiction of teachers from a section of schools in the country over students’ unrest, adding that teachers had been victimized over a situation they had no control over.