What Koigi Wamwere Recently Said About Kenyans Will Leave Your Jaw Dropping

Koigi is a Kenyan veteran politician, human rights activist, journalist and writer. He is known  for opposing both the Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi regimes, both of which sent him to cruise in jail. Even though, he has been detained, he is yet to overlook bad governance or corrupt government in Kenya which making him even more popular.

Koigi came back to Kenya without completing studies in Hotel Management at Cornell University, and started lecturing at the Jogoo Commercial College and also was a freelance journalist for the now defunct newspaper Sunday Post.

The popular writer stood for the Nakuru North Constituency that is now Subukia Constituency parliamentary seat in 1974, representing KANU, the only legal political party then. However, he  was defeated by seasoned Kihika Kimani, but with only 800 votes.

He was imprisoned  as far back as 1975 after writing an article about Jomo Kenyatta on Sunday Post newspaper. But he didn’t get discouraged despite his past predicament.

He recently spoke out to all Kenyans pointing out the need to stand strong in the move to erase rotten government officials. Even though he did this in a very unusual way by the definition he attributed to Kenyans, but a close look at his point would tell us he is probably be hitting the nail right on the head. Read on to see his own definition of Kenyans.

On February 21, 2015 , Veteran politician, Koigi Wamwere, gave a rather devastating speech against Kenyans. He severely criticized and insulted Kenyans by referring to them as “strange people with rotten brains and black hearts”.

He shared his feelings on social media and said that Kenyans are afraid to reason properly because their minds are rotten and that’s why they keep on worshiping and honoring politicians.

“Kenyans have the most rotten brains, the most barbarous tongues, the most stupid intellects, the most barren learning, the coarsest manners, the most spiteful tongues and the blackest hearts.”   In the words of  Koigi Wamwere.

Koigi went on to say that Kenya is fast becoming a failed state thanks to bad leadership unless Kenyans change their cast of mind.

He also mentioned that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are KANU orphans with worse leadership than Moi.

The question now is Did he really have to insult us all like that? Couldn’t he call out the people he had issues with and direct his inhumane insults at them rather than insulting the entire nation? What do you think?