Koinange’s Son, Waiganjo, Forced Out Of Public Land

David Waiganjo Koinange, the son of Kenya’s powerful and famous politician, late Mbiyu Koinange, was forced out of two beach plots where he is known to have live for two decades.

Mr. David Waiganjo Koinange was on Friday, evicted by the National Social Security Fund who came to reclaimed the land in Mombasa County, where he and his family has been occupying without paying rent.

Mr. Waiganjo, who is the director of Palm City Grill and Entertainment admitted not paying land rent for 15 years but described the court order for him to be evicted as unfair and illegal.

“This place was a bush about 20 years ago when I came here and occupied it. For all that time, no one asked me for rent, although I have been paying all the required fees and taxes to the local authorities. By virtue of that, it became mine.” 

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The business mogul was evicted alongside a Ms.Leah, the director of Sifa International Ltd., which owns Jamboree Beach Resort, were ordered to leave the two plots at the beach on May 27.

“I occupy only three acres where I have invested Sh18 million and the eviction order is addressed to Sifa International Ltd. It does not concern me,” he said, adding that though he had no title deed to the property, he was was in the process of acquiring one and expressed surprise at the action.

Waiganjo however, plans to challenge his eviction in court not minding that the case had been in the courts for nearly two decades. But the fund’s lawyer, Mr. Austin Ouko, who is also its legal and corporate affairs manager, dismissed Mr. Waiganjo’s views, saying he had been occupying the land illegally.

“This property is public land. It’s a total of 14.3 acres near the Jomo Kenyatta beach worth Sh1.6 billion and quite prime. We have struggled to repossess it because it belongs to the fund’s contributors and through the Court of Appeal order, it will return to the public,” Ouko said.

Speaking further, Ouko said the unpaid rent had accumulated to Sh21 million and that the fund plans to use the land for investment.

Waiganjo had also in December last year, ordered to appear before the Labour court in Kericho over owing his former manager at the Koingange owned Muthera Farm in Mau Narok. Josephat Ole Mpoe sum of Sh4.6 million.

His trouble started after he failed to defend himself in a suit filed by Mr. Mpoe in Nakuru Labour court challenging his sacking from being the Muthera farm Manager.

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Meanwhile, Waiganjo failed to disclose his close relationship with Ms. Leah who was said to be his sister. He instead, said he works closely with her “and all my boarding guests sleep there”.

There was tight security during the eviction, with more than 100 youths, hired by the fund to remove items such as furniture, machines, music equipment, electronics and bedding, from the two premises.