Kwale Women Representative Zainab Chidzuga

Kwale Women Representative Zainab Chidzuga is laughing off the Orange Democratic Movement’s decision to expel her from the party and the threat of her losing her position.

Among the expelled elected officials are Chidzunga, Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya and Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba.

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ODM decided to expel the now former members from the party, following what it deemed as anti-party actions like outrightly showing support for other political outfits mainly Jubilee Party.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Kwale Women Representative said that she was not scared by the expulsion because her fate lies with her county people.

Chidzuga said:

“The move by ODM to expel me from the party is laughable and holds no water because I have the law that protects me. The people who have the power to expel me are my constituents.”

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“How come when other members leave other parties to join ODM, there are no voices of discontent within ODM but when their members leave to join other parties it becomes an issue? This is a sign of dictatorship.”

The defiant Chidzuga blasted ODM Secretary General Agnes Zani for agreeing to expel her as she boasted of not having competition for her seat.

She stated clearly that she was not scared of a by-election saying she has what it takes.

“During the 2013 elections, I got more votes than what the governor got, meaning I am in control. I am ready for a by-election any day because I know I will still win.”

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Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya, who was also expelled, condemned the party’s actions, adding that his seat is not up for grabs until 2017.

”I have seen people walking around eyeing my seat thinking there will be a by-election. We all know that the next elections will be in 2017, so for now we will focus on serving people,” said Mvurya.