Museveni Wins Villagers’ Hearts With Roadside Call Using This Phone

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni shocked locals of Kyeirumba village with a roadside phone call using a very cheap ‘phone‘ on Monday.

He sat on a comfy chair by the road oblivious of the onlookers making a 30 minute call, as his security detail waited. He ordered his security men to allow free flow of traffic by not causing obstructions.

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The unusual images was published online by the press secretary to Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni.

The secretary says the incident happened yesterday on the way from Isingiro District where he presided over World Population Day celebrations. The President made a stop at Kyeirumba Village to make a phone call before continuing with his trip.

She added that the curious residents gathered to look at the president, who after 30 minutes on phone, had a brief talk with them.

Museveni wins the hearts of residents of Kyeirumba village with roadside call on cheap phone

They thanked the government for tarmacking the road linking Uganda to Tanzania through Isingiro. The 74km road connects Uganda to Tanzania through Kikagati in Isingiro district. The project cost USh178 billion.

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The people asked the President to convince solar distributors to slash the cost of batteries, which sell at USh400,000. They also asked him to tell power distributors to supply electricity at a cheaper rate.

Museveni wins the hearts of residents of Kyeirumba village with roadside call on cheap phone

The President promised to hold talks with stakeholders on reducing the cost of power in remote areas. Jokes are now being linked to the decision to grant opposition leader Kizza Besigye bail.

On Facebook, some users admired his remarkable stop at Kyeirumba village, calling him sensible and human, while others have thrown in criticism, calling it a publicity stunt.

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Facebook user Davis Joseph Weddi said:

“M7 is a real human being like all of us, I can’t doubt that.”

“He even took time to speak with the villagers after that special phone call. I can guess what it must have been about but you can’t rely on a guess. He is human indeed.”

But Ntalo Robert wrote:

“All those cars for one man when our hospital has no working ambulance? I imagine the residents were (not) amused!!”

Besweri Gusango said: “I can picture the guys who were driving in tail following his convoy cursing after being in stay for a whole or so 30 minutes waiting for the big man to finish his call and shake a few hands for traffic to flow again.”