For Ladies: Choose To Love A Man With These 24 Rare Qualities

Ladies don’t make the mistake of developing strong feelings of affection for the wrong guys. Though the qualities of a qualified man for a healthy relationship are too many to list, these few listed in this universal guideline will guide you into an amazing and admirable relationship. If you are already in a heartbreaking and incompatible relationship, you can step away from it, make your life a better and rewarding one, and enjoy a remarkably swift recovery by loving a man with these rare qualities. They may seem long and hard to find but they are somehow basic and easy to find. In point of fact, a man with these qualities is distinct and loveable. So before you start lavishing love on the wrong guy, look out for some of these qualities, if not all. You really need to keep these basic ideas as must-have qualities to look for in your future husband, so you don’t have to take as long to figure them out as naive people do or have a hard time in your relationship.

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1. Choose to love a man who loves his mum. He has been brought up well.

2. Choose a man who loves to read, and not just for exams. He is wise and deep.

3. Choose a man who is funny. You will never be bored.

4. Choose a man who treats strangers and the less privileged with dignity. He has a kind heart.

5. Choose a man who listens. You will be understood.

6. Choose a man whose idea of fun is constructive, not endless drinking and clubbing. He is mature.

7. Choose a man who wants to start a family. Your time will not be wasted on pointless dates.

8. Choose a man who respects his father no matter how his dad is. He has learned true manhood.

9. Choose a man who doesn’t insult his ex or your ex even if the break up was messy. He is someone who enters into love for the right reason

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10. Choose a man who needs you. He will hold on to you.

11. Choose a man who lets you love him, who lets you see the nakedness of his weaknesses and strengths. He trusts you.

12. Choose a man who accepts correction and changes his ways if he offends you. He will make himself better to love you.

13. Choose a man who prays for you. He knows you are a gift from God.

14. Choose a man who treats other women with respect. He will show you even more respect.

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15. Choose a man who loves other people’s children. He is a father figure and will make a good father to your children.

16. Choose a man with a vision. He will challenge and build you, he knows where he is going.

17. Choose a man who has a good set of friends.You can tell the character of a man by the friends he keeps.

18. Choose a man who values intimacy above sex. He will be faithful to you.

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19. Choose a man who is interested in your dreams. He cares about your future.

20. Choose a man who respects your decisions and doesn’t rush you. He sees you as an equal.

21. Choose a man who corrects you when you are wrong and inspires and pushes you to do better. He sees your potential and will not rest until your potential is lived out. That man is a keeper.

22. Choose a man who has been consistent on his focus. You can depend on him.

23. Choose a man who works hard, is self motivated, hustles and is diligent even when he has little. That man is going places and one day he will make you proud.

24. Choose a man who is not intimidated by other men when they notice your beauty. He is a secure man.