Lamu: Al-Shabaab Force Kenyan Women To Prepare Them Meals

Some Lamu women are being made to prepare food for Al Shabaab militants under duress. A senior police officer stated that al-Shabaab militants who conceal themselves in Boni Forest stomp some Lamu County villages close to the forest, to oppress the women into preparing meals for them.

The terrorists also disguise themselves and live within the locals.

It is alleged that the terrorists are now short of food, and are making the women in Lamu feed them.

According to the statement issued to the Daily Nation by an officer who asked for his name to be withheld:

The militants have no place to get food and have resorted to get it from residents or attacking new areas within Lamu (that are not in ‘KDF zones’).

He also said some of the terrorists gain shelter among the locals, disguising themselves in an attempt to deceive the security forces in the ongoing Operation Linda Boni  which in the words of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman David Obonyo recently has escalated.

Some of the militiamen are also believed to be living among the locals or disguising as herdsmen. Locals have a lot of information about these people. If they share it with us, we shall flush the extremists from the area in a very short time.

Reports say a Coast region police boss Julius Wanjohi told Lamu people, that the claims of al-Shabaab living amongs them are being scrutinized.

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The several attacks which Lamu has seen lately gave rise to a protest on Monday February 1, where residents accused the failure of government’s Operation Linda Boni .

KDF spokesman David Obonyo told nationals on Wednesday that security agencies are tightening up security in the areas close to Somalia and Boni Forest. He begged the locals for maximum cooperation with the police and soldiers to end attack in the porous zones.

Obonyo said,

Attacks have taken place in several areas but it should be noted that KDF officers cannot be in every place at the same time. We also must verify information from the residents before we act. The public has of late volunteered very helpful information. We will definitely win this war.

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