Watch Violence Erupts In Lamu West: Two ODM Candidates Reject Tally

Violence has erupted at the Lamu West constituency tallying centre at Mokowe Arid Zone Primary School on Thursday after two women members of the parliament from the ODM rejected election results.

Both the woman rep Shakilla Abdalla and Rishad Amana, refused to accept the result released by the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC).

Amana is running for the Lamu West parliamentary seat but according to the provisional results that was released by the IEBC, he lost to MCC’s Stanley Muthama who had 11,462 against Amana’s 10,034.

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While Muthama said the results reflected the will of the people as tallied by the IEBC, Amana believes the election was a fraud and Abdalla who seemed to be losing the seat to Jubilee’s Ruweida Obbo believes the same.

Obbo was leading with 23,093 votes, and Abdalla came a distant second with 13,374.

Both Amana and Abdalla accused the IEBC of trying to steal their votes in favour of their opponents. They swore not to accept the results and ther comments were backed by violent attack from the people who went about throwing chairs at the IEBC officials.

“Something fishy is going on and that is why we are staying put. The IEBC has no right to order anyone to accept results of a rigged exercise. There were electoral malpractices and we can’t agree we have lost,” Amana said as the Police were immediately deployed to the station to contain rowdy supporters.

There have been several other clashes around various Kenyan counties as the ODM have refused to accept even the presidential results released by the IEC on their websites.

The contest between Odinga and Kenyatta was seen by pollsters as too close to call ahead of the vote.

It is the second time the two men have faced off in a presidential election, a dynastic rivalry that has lasted more than half a century since their fathers Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Odinga went from allies in the struggle for independence to bitter rivals.

The ODM claimed that their presidential aspirant Raila Odinga has won the election with over 8 million votes above Uhuru’s 7-million votes. Hence, the party coalition NASA ordered that Raila is declared winner immediately.

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Meanwhile, Amana has questioned why the IEBC was forcing them to accept the results of an exercise that was ‘marred by malpractices’.

” The IEBC wants to steal our votes and hand them to our opponents on a silver platter. We shall not allow them to undermine the choice of the people,” Abdalla said, adding that the voting and tallying process was not free and fair, and therefore will not concede.

Both Amana and Abdalla had, therefore, called on the IEBC officials “Democratic thieves who want to subvert the will of the Lamu West people”.

Police had a rough time containing the charged crowds for more than 30 minutes.

Two protesters have so far been reported dead in the flashpoint slum of Mathare in Nairobi, where police also fired tear gas at crowds who burned tyres and blocked roads throughout the day.