Last Moments Of This Slain University Student Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Ms Charity Maina, the Moi University student whose body was found on Sunday morning might still be alive if she had joined other students in Laikipia, where MCAs had told her to come for discussion to be held concerning the disbursement of bursaries.

Based on what Ms Joy Wanjohi, her cousin and a first year literature student in the same university told the Nation on Monday, the slain girl, who is a very staunch Christian and a gifted pianist had decided to finish her class assignment rather than paying a visit to Laikipia with her colleagues from the main campus in Eldoret. Charity’s body was found lying lifeless in thicket by a passerby at around 6 am on Sunday, just a small distance from the off-campus Bucca Estate, where she shared a room with another student. Meanwhile, some students remembered that she had left the library for her room the day before at around 10 pm and that was probably the last time she was seen alive.

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Following her death, tension bumped up at the university on Monday morning as the students asked for the release of their head, Mr Moses Jairo, who had reportedly been sent for and held at the administration block for protests related to the incident. However, the detainees of Moses only let him go when students made a threat to demonstrate.


This happened in the face of increase insecurity in the school as a student, Mr Hassan Santiago, revealed that the university’s administration had fallen short in providing hostels for students in spite of  the hike in insecurity around the university. The parents of miss Charity also said that their slain child was a very obedient and bright girl whose future seemed most awesome.

In the words of Mrs Wanjohi “Every minute, I keep picturing her in my mind, talking innocently and determinedly in front of a Christian union gathering”.

Ms Joy mentioned that her cousin was among the few students who had been sent for to come their home county, Laikipia, by members of the county assembly to trash bursaries and other issues.

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nevertheless, Ms Wanjohi remembers, her cousin had refused the Saturday visit since there was some class work she needed to have a handle on before Monday. In a loving memory of her cousin, Ms Wanjohi has put up Ms Maina’s photo as her Whatsapp profile picture. Whatsapp is a social messaging service.

Her Whatsapp status read: “Days may come and go, and seasons too, but you will remain in my heart, forever.”

She says the slain student was very focused and was determined to work hard towards becoming  “a better woman” and had no time to indulge in close relationships.

In her words, “Many students spend a few minutes hanging out with the opposite gender, as expected, but my cousin never engaged in such,”

Even though Ms Maina never wanted  to reside outside the university, insufficient space in the hostels had forced her to search out housing outside the university. “She struggled hard to get accommodation inside campus but there was none.”

Speaking at the Moi Referral Hospital where relatives had gone to witness the post-mortem examination, Mr Duncan Mungai, Ms Maina’s uncle, described her as religious.

May This Beautiful Soul Rest In The Bossom Of The Lord!