Lawmakers To Investigate Police Brutality During IEBC Protest

Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro has nodded to the plans to investigate allegations of police brutality during opposition demonstrations in recent months.

Two people were killed and more than six people were injured in the western city of Kisumu on Monday. Also, a  young boy was hit by bullet and he survived the injury after it was removed from his body.

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Police killed three people in similar protests in May, citing self-defence, and attempt to end looting. Mr Ethuro said the House Security Committee would reveal its findings in a report in 60 days.

Police Brutality during iEBC protest

Cord leader Raila Odinga and his supporters have been carrying out protest to get IEBC dissolved. The leader turned down an invitation from the electoral agency’s commissioners to talk over the problems that gave rise to the impasse.

While addressing his supporters at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park before leading peaceful demonstrations in the town on Monday, the politician said there is no longer room for talks to exist between the party and electoral body.  The Cord leader said:

“IEBC sent people to my place inviting me for dialogue. I told them the time for talking to them is over.”

He is insisting the commission must go as they allegedly can’t be trusted with management of 2017 general elections. Cord has called on Jubilee Alliance to hold dialogue with the coalition on the disbandment of the electoral commission. He said:

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“We respect the government, let them respect us too and hold dialogue. We want dialogue about what we will do after IEBC has gone home.”

Co-principal Moses Wetangula also said at Uhuru park grounds “that they will faint in letting the world know that  they a rotten organisation called IEBC”.

“We want to let Jubilee know that our decision to ask for dialogue does not mean we are weak or scared of them,” he said, citing the reason as being for the good of the country.

The Bungoma Senator added that there was an agreement at State House concerning the fate the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission which has been denied. He cautioned IEBC commissioners that the opportunity for dialogue is gradually closing up.