Lecturers End 54-Day Strike, Classes Set To Resume On Tuesday

Public universities governing councils and lecturers are set to return to classes to end the 54-day-long lecturers strike.

The strike which has paralyzed public higher education institutions will be ended after the lecturers reached an agreement on the 2013-17 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The lecturers embarked on the strike on January 19, 2017, demanding recognition and settlement of the CBA by their employers.

The lecturers strike has, however, been largely overshadowed by the yet to be resolved doctors union strike which has crumbled medical services in public hospitals across the country for over three months.

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The signing of the lecturers deal comes after seven days of intensive negotiations between the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) and representatives of all universities councils.

UASU secretary general Constantine Wasonga said the decision was unanimous between the union.

He further revealed that out of the KSh 10 billion that was offered, UASU will receive a cumulative amount of KSh 6 billion.

”17.5 percent of the amount will cater for interests on basic salary while 3.9 percent will cater for house allowances,” the secretary general said.

All the payments will be backdated to the date the CBA took effect, June 30, 2013, for lecturers across all universities except Masaai Mara University which was not featured in the deal.

Following the signing of the agreement, Wasonga said the CBA meant that all academic staff will benefit from arrears that have accumulated over the period.

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He also said classes at all the affected universities across the country will resume on Tuesday, March 14, 2017, asking senates to revise semester dates to recover lost time.

The question to be asked now is how can that be done since the second semester is almost coming to an end while some universities have completely shut down due to their inability to control students.