Kenya to unite against health issues

The Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu has called for kenya’s national bodies to unite with the country’s government in order for them to achieve a better healthcare and service delivery.

Mr. Mailu stated this while opening a Health Sectoral Intergovernmental Consultative Forum at a Nairobi hotel. Mailu outlined the need for a strong unity in the health sector so that Kenyans health services is successfully achieved according to the constitution. He said:

It is essential for the two to consult and collaborate on health matters, while respecting the autonomy and authority of each government in the process of executing respective mandates.

I am aware of the distinctive and inter-depended nature of our relationship and acknowledge that we shall conduct our business through mutual relationship on the basis of consultation and co-operation as provided for in the Constitution.

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Health of the Kenyan citizens has not been only a serious concern to the country’s health sector but also to the government in general but interestingly, the health sector has not given up in seeking for an improved health for the citizens.

In its 100 days “Rapid Results Initiative”,  the health sector plans to lighten the burdens of the disabled by helping them access benefits such as tax exemptions, and NHIF cover; To improve access to health services in the slums, the ministry shall establish portable clinics; To increase student enrollment at the Kenya Medical Teaching College and to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality among so many others.

However, recent report has it that cholera cases in Budalang’i have increased causing a severe threat to the people living in that area. The death of a six-year-old has raised the number death cases related to cholera disease in that constituency to two since the outbreak of the disease was reported.

Busia County Chief Health Officer Asoka Itur who confirmed this said  the boy died after drinking untreated water from River Nzoia. Cholera cases have been reported in Bunyala West, Bunyala North, Sigiri, Sirisia and Magombe East in Budalang’i Constituency.

Twenty others have been reported to be hospitalized at Port Victoria Level Four Hospital and the County Government has dispatched a team of public health officers to treat water sources in the area.

Itur added the county had ordered that all eateries in the region should be shut, and declared that families would not be allowed to serve meals to multitudes during weddings and funerals. As the health sector continues to fight health issues, it is believed that health issues like Cholera would be a thing of the past.

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