A medical student was killed in the middle of a football match in Russia after lightening struck him.

The student, identified as Alexey Simonov, was one of seven players who got hit by the lightening, but he did not survive.

The players were said to be in and around the penalty area when the incident happened in the Altai region of Russia.

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It is dangerous to be outside during a thunderstorm and being around a metal goalpost lowers the chances of not getting struck by lightening as the medical students who survived found out.

The players rushed to Alexey’s aid after seeing the damage the lightning had done by burning his stubble and leaving his hair standing.

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One of his friends, Nikita Esin, who was also injured by the lightning, said he had gone to Alexey who had been standing near the goalposts to help.

”I was the first who ran up to him.”

“At that moment, he still had a pulse. But the first thing that caught my eye was that his stubble was charred and his hair stood on end.”

18 year old Alexey died moments later. Another player recanted the incident saying;

“Four guys were on the ground. There was blood. We are future doctors and we realized immediately that Alexey had died.”

He called the ambulance and told them someone had been killed by lightening to which they replied ”don’t make jokes like that.”

The ambulance arrived 15 minutes later but could not reach the flooded pitch. Players carried those wounded to the ambulance and in a bid to get the wounded to hospital, they left Alexey.

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Students of Rubtsovsky Medical College are left to mourn their dead counterpart after they chose to continue their football match during thunderstorms.