Lillian Muli Finally Defines Her Relationship With Shabana Boss

We have seen many beautiful and hot female news anchors in the world who make news, but then how about those who make news both on and off the screen? All the while, rumor has had it that Screen siren Lillian Muli and Sabana FC boss are in a romantic relationship. But she came out recently to plead with rumor mongers spreading news linking her romantically to Shabana FC boss to stop it already.

The TV anchor Lilian Muli with Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nivaton watched Football Kenya Federation Premier League match between Shabana FC and Nakumatt FC at Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos on Sunday and prompted a big buzz in Kenya saying she is having an affair with Sabana FC boss.

The beautiful news anchor has been the trending topic of malicious rumors whenever she is seen with Shabana Football Club’s Chairman, Jared Nevaton. When the two were currently see together at a game together, the rumour was activated once again.

The Citizen TV news anchor has deemed it right to make it public that she is only a friend to Sabana boss. So in case you didn’t hear her, she said they are just friends.


In Lilian’s words, “I have nothing to say about that. I do not know why it is your problem if I sit next to him in the stands.”

“I went to the match as a fan, and Jared is a good friend whom I have known for some time now. We do business together,” explained Muli.

The Shabana boss already denied the claims sharply,  telling Heads Up who reached Jared for more details on their post-Valentine’s Day escapade, Lillian was just a fan. So he too defended their ‘friendship’ saying:

“But she comes for football all time. It’s not the first time. Why are you asking?” Is there something going on between the two of them we missed? “I don’t want to hear about this again. She is a fan. If you want to go there nobody will question you.

“If you want to talk about Shabana let’s talk about it, but don’t ask me about fans and who comes to the stadium,” he said. the media further inquired whether it’s true that they drove to Masaku in the same car.

“That is a lot of crap that I don’t want to talk about!” Jared finally lost his cool and hung up on us when we asked him whether they were dating.

“We are just friends. I got her an invitation to the Leopard’s gala night in my capacity as a life member of AFC,” said Nevaton while dismissing the claim that he is the one who was with Lillian that evening.

Nevaton also clarified claims that he and Lillian locked lips saying, “Where on earth is that from? These are just people trying to blow this whole thing out of proportion, I was not the only one given cakes.

It was a celebratory moment in line with ‘Ingwe’ at 50.” invitations were made based on table reservations and since I had reserved a table I had every right to come with as many friends as I could so.

I got her an invitation and we both attended as friends of AFC,” said an irritated Nevaton. He then went on to say that a particular group of media is very out to drag his name through the mud.

However, it seems everything the alluring woman touches or does in public may with ease find its way into the gossip circle. Despite her public dismissal of any rumored affairs between her and Sabana boss, still the storm about TV beauty Lillian Muli’s close association with Shabana Football Club’s Chairman Jared Nevaton is yet to phase out. Thus, the ‘Slimpossible’ host has dismissed this claim that she is romantically involved with Nevaton, but people would not stop raising questions whenever they are together especially in public. Since Lilian can’t stop saying she has nothing to do with the stylish football, people can’t stop prying to satisfy their curiosity completely. The big question is; What do we believe anyway? Definitely nobody can say for sure whether or not they are dating, but what we do know is that they are always spotted together on special occasions.

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