The Barcelona genius, Lionel Messi has disclosed how he would feel if he gets to meet president Obama. He stated that he would love to meet the President, whose daughters had formerly requested to meet him

The Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona insists he would be bestowed with pride if he ever gets the opportunity to meet the first family of US in person.

President Obama revealed during a visit to Buenos Aires, that his daughters had begged him to make them meet with the Barcelona star but he has not been able to comply to his children’s plea.

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Messi was shocked when he heard Obama’s frustration for not being able to make his children meet him. He replied that he would happily spend time with the president’s family.

Speaking on what he thinks about Obama’s comment, Messi told TyC Sports.

“Obviously, I was surprised that he said he was unable to get his family meet me in person, but on the contrary, for me it would be completely the opposite. For me it would be a source of great pride to be able to meet him and his daughters, but obviously I know it would be complicated”.

Doubting the possibility of the meeting to ever hold, the star player said he suspects the president made the comment because he was in his country Argentina and probably didn’t mean it.

According to him:

“I don’t know whether it is possible. Maybe he made the comment because he was in Argentina but I can say I was as surprised as everyone else.”

Messi issued the statement after Argentina gained a valuable 2-1 win away to Chile on Thursday to reignite their World Cup qualifying campaign.

He then commended his fellow player for their victory, explaining that they all did a great job even though they started out very poorly. He said it was remarkable how they managed to revert the situation coming out victorious.

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He added that the fast half of the game was filled with good feeling unlike second half with visibly gave everybody a fatigue because Chile were fighting hard, looking for the draw without caring about conceding another goal.

They however, managed to stand, revert a difficult situation and maintain the 2-1.

He further said the game has built their confidence the more for the next one against Bolivia, adding that they hope to get the six points to place his team at the top of the table.”