Live It Up

If you haven’t heard the new banger “ Live It Up ” by Creme De La Creme Ft Redsan & Victoria Kimani, then I don’t know what you’ve been listening to! Here is the Lyrical Video below; enjoy and share.

The Kenyan music industry is not just one of the most underestimated in Africa, but in the world at large.

The truth is we can’t blame anyone for that; local artists are hardly consistent, music videos are poorly done and though Kenyans have recently started supporting their local artists, it’s still not enough to take the country to the next level musically just yet.

The Creme De La Creme – 1 On 1 With HenryDerex

Live It Up

Personally, my history with Creme goes as far back as 2010; when we did the first edition of “ACE Mile High Thursday” at Skylux Lounge.

The event was one for the books! Unfortunately, I never understood the buzz of his talent until early 2012 at the Fashion After Dark Masquerade Party we had at Skylux Lounge. Creme was the last deejay to get on decks and boy! Did he kill it. Late into the a.m, he brought the club to life and his understanding of various music genres was totally mind-blowing.

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Talking About His New Track – Live It Up

Live It Up

For those who don’t know, Live It Up is just one of the few projects Creme De La Creme has been involved in. He has been working on a number of collaborative partnerships with various producers, a direction he chose to take for all the Tracks he has been involved in.

Creme was involved in the “I Am King” track by  Khaligraph Jones, “Hadi Lini” – Wahu FT Sudi Boy and Most Recently “Live It Up” by Redsan Ft Victoria Kimani, where he added some elements on the track, arranging the vocals and the general direction of the track.

So Why The Music Direction?

In his own words, here’s what the Creme De La Creme had to say regarding his interests in the music business and production:

“I’ve been in the game for 10 Years, and over the years I’ve always strived to challenge myself, getting out of my comfort zone. I’ve been a Radio and TV Host and Production was one of those things I hadn’t done and mastered. So I set off on a journey to learn production and make the Heaviest records on the planet. I’m getting there one Hit at a time. :)”

Talking about how he got to learn the tricks of music production, Creme made it clear that:

“Most of it has been through Youtube, but I’m grateful to some of my producer friends e.g Yo Alex from Homeboyz, Sappy, Teknixx, Jacky B, Ulopa and Like Mike for always offering the much needed guidance.”

Furthermore, he shared his thoughts regarding the hardest part of producing a track;

“I think the hardest part in producing a track is putting this idea you have in your head to life, but the beauty about music is once the vibe is right, everything else falls into place.”

Working With Redsan & Victoria Kimani

Live It Up

On the topic of the artists he worked with for the Live It Up track, he had nothing but love and respect regarding their collaboration.

“Redsan & Victoria Kimani are one of the most brilliant musical minds I’ve ever worked with. I loved watching their creativity process, from just a plain beat to a masterpiece. That’s a story I’d tell over and over again. Making music with these two was beautiful” he said.

From the picture above, there is no doubt Victoria really knows how to Live It Up for sure!

What Next?

Live It Up

Though the Lyrical Video was dropped on Youtube about a week ago, Creme made it clear that we aren’t even ready for what’s coming ahead! The official video, which should be expected sometime in March or towards the end of February, has been promised to be out of this world. I personally can’t wait to see what mind blowing creativity he has put into it.

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Creme is not out for the hype, or planning on taking the one hit wonder direction. “The actual reason I’m making these bangers is to eventually release a full album with some of the biggest names in Africa and beyond. Something good is coming. Y’all not Ready.”

“The Creme Brand has always stayed fresh. I want to leave a legacy; I want to be part of the African story. Moving forward, I’ll still be throwing the sickest parties in town and continue making beautiful music. That’s what I Live For.”

Hope you got to watch the video above, if not.. Then here you go again: