How To Listen To Live Kenya Radio Stations Online

There are more than one hundred Kenya radio stations where you can listen to live radio transmissions. Normally, you would need a radio set to receive a live radio transmission in Kenya but let us assume that very soon, you will be flying out of the country, changing location within the Kenya or you love Kenyan music, tradition, culture or want to catch up on all the latest news in Kenya but are afraid that you will be missing your favorite local radio program from a Kenyan radio station. Whatever the case, missing any show from your local radio station in Kenya is not a matter that should create any worry any more if you have a personal computer and the internet with you. You can actually get to listen to myriads of different radio stations via the internet and the step involved are very much simple.

How to Receive Radio Stations in Kenya Online

Radio waves - kenya radio stations online

All you need is a steady internet with a personal computer and you can listen to live radio transmission in Kenya and anywhere in the world. This doesn’t necessarily need a radio receiver or an antennae (the aerial) for capturing the radio waves. Instead, all you need is a streaming software like the windows media player (which usually comes with any computer that has the Windows operating system installed) or the winamp that can enable you to listen to the live radio signals. Some of these audio signals softwares are also available online and you can easily download them free of charge and most of the radio stations have an automated link to these softwares in their websites.

As mentioned earlier, Windows operating systems comes with the Windows Media Player and you don’t need to download any of these softwares if you are using windows XP, Window 7 or Windows 8.

There are other much simpler methods you can use if you are not conversant with any of these softwares. Some of the steps are outlined below:

  • Simply go to the search engines and search for the radio station that you may want to listen to.
  • These search engines include the google, bing or the messenger search engines.
  • Some of the radio stations that you can stream online are capital fm, easy fm and citizen radio among others just to name a few.
  • Just type the name of the radio station followed by Kenya (E.g capital fm Kenya) in the google/ search engine address bar and click on the first link that you are presented with.
  • This will direct you to the radio station’s websites and you may proceed to look for ‘online live radio’ or “listen online” option that is availed on that particular website.
  • Click the link and it will automatically stream the radio audios for you to listen to.
  • Almost all radio stations have an online live radio and you can aptly listen to any of them without the need for fine-tuning or worrying about the wave clarity as it is awesomely clear.

This is a technology that has been developed and as it continues to advance, users would prefer to listen to live radio over the internet while they are away from their computers. This is aided by the usage of portable internet radios that can stream live internet radio despite where you are. They solely work while you are far from your computer at any place that is accessible to the wi-fi internet connection. It is as simple as clicking on the radio station that you may want to listen to and within seconds you will be able to listen to the live audios from the radio station.

The advantage that comes with listening to these live radios in Kenya is that you can easily record your favorite radio show anywhere you are without losing touch. It is much more simple to record online live radio than the traditional radio as most radio receivers do not come with the built-in recording system. You can simply click on the green button in the media player when you want the program and your favorite music recorded and you can repeatedly listen to the recorded radio audios. Gone are the days when we entirely depended on radio receivers. The live online radio comes as the best option for penchants of radio listeners who travel a lot. It is also more recommendable as there are thousands of online radio stations that you can actually get to listen to as per your predilection. Kenya radio stations Kenya online radio