6 Ways Twitter Has Changed The Conversation In Kenya/Africa In The Last 10 Years

Twitter is 10 this year and there is no doubt it’s been ten years of significant impact on the globe. The social media network has caused solutions to issues affecting every corner of the world.

In the last ten years, it has also changed the course of most lives in Kenya as well as Africa, by turning into a platform where sociocultural and political matters have been raised, addressed and given solutions to.

The social media networking has apparently turned into a platform for holding talks that had never been raised or analyzed in mainstream society, giving its users the opportunity to criticize bluntly without being physically attacked or assaulted.

Unlike the way it was 10 years ago, the continent is quite open now with many hashtags and everyday sensible trends making rounds on the internet.

Below are some of the greatest conversations affecting Kenya and Africa which twitter gave rise to:

Single Stories Or Notion Are Now Murdered:

The western media has for long imposed the talks on how Kenya and other African countries are seen. They have referred to the zone as a place of unreasonable fights, home of some world’s most dangerous terrorist groups, a place of hunger, not capable of anything except safaris on summer vacations.

Not any more! The topic of discussion has drifted far from this, lately. Kenyans and others have now been able to dramatically throw up note-worthy conversations to show that some things are going the right way in various systems operating within the continent.

These Tweets came during Pope’s trip to Africa including Kenya. Also, Kenya through twitter lashed out at CNN for calling the country war-torn during Obama’s visit to the region.

This tweet rails at the real look of Nairobi and what western media organizations especially CNN portray the city to be.

Change in the overall leadership in Africa

Contrary to the way the continent’s governance was perceived to be formerly; oppressive, non-transparent, and many other bad attributes, the government through twitter has proved otherwise.

Now, Twitter has made it easier for the truth to reach the outside world in a wink than those governments could create propaganda.

Also, there exist better communication between the leaders and the led now in African governments. Nationals, mostly youths, are feeling all-involved in the process of decision-making that affect their well-being. After all, it can only take typing less than 140 words and swiftly tweet to your President’s account!!!


Twitter has clearly been used to raise awareness of political topics, spread political messages, lay bare corruption practices, get justice for the weak, criticize rape incidents, and coordinate collective action. This has often come through specific campaigns such as protesting violence or racism against black people, lack of amenities, scams by government and unsuccessful government, etc.

Some tweets from when it was first revealed that the distinguished cartoonist Godfrey Mwapembwa, often called by his pen name Gaddo, has been sacked by one of the country’s foremost papers, the Daily Nation, without concrete reasons.

The Power Of Hashtag

This is probably the most effective invention for protesters and movements. When Protesters and Movements are seeking for solutions or protests against a particular issue rocking the continent, the countries therein use hashtag in gaining the acceptance or the popularity they want. Several hastags have trended and they had gone a long way in laying down solutions to many issues they addressed. For instance, the case of Arab Spring in some parts of North Africa is a visible evidence to the power of social media and could very well be the future of activism in Africa.

Also the recent trend of the reason Kenya is corrupt with #WeAreACorruptNtionBecause, making rounds.

Pen pals

Twitter lets us communicate with friends on different part of the world and get informed on whatever is happening in their country as it unfolds. With many groups including politics twitter, football/soccer twitter, feminist twitter, readers club twitter etc. All making sure that young Kenyans and other Africans are given the chance to make extra meaning out of their lives.


The media platform has opened up a two-way communication between businesses and their customers. On the one hand, it has created a medium for companies to know the minds of their biggest consumers – overall public. This means it’s easier for customers to complain to a company – and do so publicly. But it’s also much quicker and easier for companies to reply and potentially resolve an issue, and can potentially even reduce customer support costs.

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