10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucy Kibaki

Lucy Kibaki is the wife of Kenya’s third president, Mwai Kibaki. She is the daughter of Rev. John Kagai and Rose Nyachomba who lives at the Mount Kenya region of present day Central province. There is a lot of information that people hardly know about Lucy and in fact, she is only known as a former president’s wife. Here is a detailed account of little known facts about Lucy Kibaki.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucy Kibaki

1. She is a trained teacher

Lucy is an educated woman, an Alumnus of the Alliance Girls High School in Kiambu. After completing high school, Lucy trained as a teacher and rose in her career up to the position of a principal in a teachers training college in Kiambu.

2. She is a patron of the Kenya Girl guides association


Few people understand that Lucy is a respected person in the Girls guides association in Kenya. She is one of the women leaders that have ensured that the association carries out its functions in a smooth way.

3. She always participated in charitable work

Lucy Kibaki 2

A lot of people knew Lucy Kibaki as a strict woman. She is a no nonsense woman who is feared by most Kenyan men. On the contrary, Lucy always participated in charitable work that is aimed at helping the disadvantaged in the society. She is a leading fighter of Aids in Africa and that is why she was elected as the chairperson of the 40 African first ladies Against HIV/AIDS during Kibaki’s regime.

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4. She is a husband batterer

Lucy Kibaki always hit the headlines of Kenya’s news that she is a husband batter. This act was proven true when she fought a Meru MP, Hon Gitobu Imanyara and demanded that he should never step in state house when she is still the First lady of the Republic. At one time, Lucy is reported to have nearly Broken Kibaki’s legs at the state house.

5. Her friends are unknown

No one in Kenya has ever claimed to be close to Lucy to an extent that they can share friendly information. She has few friends if at all they are present. Lucy is known to be a secretive woman who feels comfortable when she is alone.

6. She is not on any social media platform e.g. Facebook or Twitter

No One can trace the identity of this woman on any social media platform, her opinion about different national issues cannot be known easily because she hardly expresses her opinions through any form of media. The only way to get her views is to listen to her when making public speeches.

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7. Nobody knows where she shops

Lucy has hardly been traced in the streets of Nairobi or any other major town in Kenya. No one has ever claimed seeing Lucy buy anything from any shop. This activity contributes to her secrecy and isolation from other people.

8. She has gone silent for over 2 years

As of now, Lucy is no longer a public figure since she has gone silent for a very long period of time. At one time, news spread across social media that she was dead and that she was buried secretly at their home in Muthaiga. Later one, the news was announced to be rumors and that it was not true. There is also news that Lucy has gone mad and that she is undergoing treatment at an unknown place. All this presumptions are given as an answer to Lucy’s absence from the public. Everyone is asking, where is Lucy Kibaki? This answer is yet to be answered even as you read this blog.

9. She missed the last political events of her husband

Lucy Kibaki failed to attend several political events during the end of president Kibaki’s tenure in office. In fact, she failed to attend the handing over ceremony. This is attributed to the fact that she was getting out of state house where she had already considered her permanent home.

10. She was a controversial first lady

She launched verbal attacks on various diplomats, policemen and journalists in the country. She claimed that most of those individuals did not treat her with sufficient respect now that she was the third first lady of the republic of Kenya.

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