Kisumu Governor Seat: Lupita Nyong’o Campaigns For Father Via Video, Kenyans Online React

Actress Lupita Nyong’o has sent out a video campaigning and endorsing her father’s bid to win the Kisumu governor seat.

The video which was posted on Thursday features the 12 years a slave star saying her father would grow Kisumu into a center of excellence.

“All my life I have witnessed your unwavering passion for cultivating a better future for Kenya… even when it was a threat to your life but you have never given up and you continue to push for change and development,” she said.

“I have witnessed the developments, the electricity spreading, schools being built, roads being constructed and medical centers being erected, and you had a lot to do with that.”

Lupita went on to reminisce about her childhood but not before she gave a reason as to why she would not be present physically to show support. She said her absence was due to the fact that she is working on a movie.

The Oscar Award-winning actress who did her Vogue Magazine cover shoot in Kisumu said she was proud of identifying with the lakeside city even though she spent most of her life in Nairobi.

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“I know for certain that Kisumu County will be a better place and leap into the future with you steering it.”

Lupita went a step further by trying to use her stardom to convince people to elect her father as governor. She said with him on the Kisumu governor seat, the arts industry would prosper in the county.

“I want Kisumu to shine in the world as much as you do and I for one I will be excited that with you as governor, Kisumu can become a center of excellence for the arts, because you love the arts and culture.”

She ended her statement saying:

“You have dreamt for a brighter future for Kisumu County, may you get the opportunity to see that dream bear fruit. May God bless you daddy, you are a winner.”

Kenyans online did not receive Lupita’s message well. A few people bashed the star for campaigning for her father and warned her to stay clear of local politics. They reminded her of her father’s controversial tenure at the helm of the Health Ministry.

Anyang’ Nyang’o is going head to head with incumbent Jack Ranguma for the ODM ticket in the primaries which will be held on Monday.