Shocking! Maasai Elders Claim Responsibilty For Billionaire Tom Cholmondeley’s Death

A section of Maasai elders have disclosed that they probably caused Naivasha Billionaire Tom Cholmondeley’s death.

Based on the elders’ statement, they carried out a ritual that could have worked in their favour.

This is following a demand by wife of Samson ole Sisina, former Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) ranger who was shot dead by Cholmondeley 11 years ago. Samson’s wife is demanding for the suspension of the deceased burial until she is compensated.

The woman allegedly contacted lawyer Katwa Kigen – billionaire’s family lawyer – after the news of Tom Cholmondeley’s death to make the request.

A source close to the family of the ex-ranger claimed they had done a ritual to curse the  murderer (Tom) after they did not win the case and attempts to appeal the court’s decision failed.

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Torome, the family spokesman was quoted by the Nation.

“It was a serious thing and it was conducted by very elderly Maasai. So when the elders heard the news, they knew it was a confirmation that the rituals still work. The curse will follow the kin even after the death of the killer. They must go back to Sisina’s family”.

Sisina’s wife, Lucy, seconded the opinion, cautioning that the entire family members might get a fair share of the ritual until the death of her husband is revenged.

Lucy said:

“According to the Maa culture, there are more misfortunes on the way. My children are living in abject poverty. They have stopped going to school and their tears will continue haunting them”.

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The family asked that they be compensated with 49 cattle and 27 acres of the Delameres’ expansive ranch in Naivasha.

Samson ole Sisina was gunned dead by Cholmondeley in 2005. The billionaire claimed Samson sneaked into his Soysambu Ranch in Naivasha without Cholmondeley’s permission.

The family went to court saying that he was killed in cold blood. However, government dismissed the case on grounds of insufficient proofs.

In July, Sisina’s family wrote a letter to Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko to start fresh a prob on the matter, but it yielded no good result.

Cholmondeley passed on at MP Shah Hospital on Wednesday while undergoing a hip operation. His family is asking for a probe on his death, claiming something must have gone wrong to have caused their kin’s death.

Medically speaking, the physical postmortem exam on the rancher, Tom Cholmondeley did not find a clear cause of his death. The cause has been listed as “indeterminate” after Thursday’s examination. But three pathologists are conducting further tests.