Maasai elders have threatened to curse opposition leader Raila Odinga for branding their late leader William ole Ntimama a liar.

The Maasai elders accused the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader of portraying the former cabinet minister as a liar during his burial on Wednesday, September 14.

Raila said Ntimama assured him he was with ODM and had not defected to Jubilee.

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The elders say Raila’s claim of the Maasai leader’s phone call was false. Ntimama revealed publicly that he had shifted affiliation to Jubilee.

Raila’s statements are seen as being disrespectful to a dead man, which goes against the customs of the Maasai people.

Raila Odinga

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One of the Maasai elders, Julius ole Ntaiya, made the feelings of the Maasai community public in a statement quoted from CitizenTV

”It is unfortunate Raila made false remarks about a man whom we know has a character of hard stance,” He Said

According to the Maasai culture, when an elderly man dies, his last words spoken publicly stand; and no one should claim anything to the contrary. Even if it’s true that he spoke with Raila before his death, the late Ntimama would still have convened a meeting to communicate the change of political inclination.”

Another elder, Daniel Kanchori added that ”Raila’s actions show he did not respect Ntimama”. His statements during the burial ”portray elderly Maasai leaders as directionless people”.

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”The CORD leader risks being cursed,” he added.

”He should seek forgiveness and blessings from Maasai elders. We won’t support ODM in 2017 following his remarks. ODM stood a chance of getting several votes from the Maa bloc, but now; we’ll vote in favor of Jubilee”