20 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Maina Kageni

The popular Maina Kageni who also happens to be a Manchester United fan is currently a Breakfast Show presenter with Mwalimu King’ang’i on Nairobi’s Classic 105 Radio Station. Here a few interesting things you need to know about Maina Kageni

20 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Maina Kageni

1. Maina Kageni never attended college but life offered more opportunities than most people, he is also on the learning process

2. Cold fanta orange was his first drink

3. His dream girl is one full of ambition and life kind of girl

4. Maina Kageni won a lunch voucher on Capital fm with Zain Verjee 0n his first time in fame, and happily went to pick it

5. His First girlfriend was called Anne, had a nice nose and had to go down.

6. His best friend is Shaffie Weru.

7. His best experience is when someone gains something meaningful and life changing from his show.

8. His dream car is Range Rover Vogue 2013.

9. Maina Kageni bought his first car which is a Ford Fiesta in UK  for 1100 Pounds

10. His best team is  Manchester United, he is a die-hard fan and has been to Old Trafford and held the Premier League Trophy.

Maina Kageni

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11. His worst moment was Going to work late one day and thinking of sneaking into the office without the bosses’ knowledge.

12. Maina Kageni is already living his dream job

13. He was formerly into car dealership

14.  His first kiss was that same girlfriend called Anne

15.  His favourite cologne is 212 Cologne For Men.

16. Maina Kageni’s Best advice- is to “Treat anyone the way  you would like them to treat you”.

17. His favourite local Apparel is Mwanaume ni effort, mwanamke ni standards

18. Maina Kageni’s Favourite song-You Guy by P-unit

19.His  best moment at work was Interviewing reggae and dance hall sensation Shaggy.

20. Advice for encouragement – Do your thing, follow your dreams, work hard, be thankful and be aware that haters are  good for you, never mind them talking about you.

Maina Kageni


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