Josephine Kabura

The major suspect in NYS scam which has shaken up the entire nation, Josephine Kabura, didn’t comply with court order to appear before it for the hearing of her case.

The suspect took the NYS scam to a fresh level after she presented an Affidavit implicating former CS Anne Waiguru on Monday. The affidavit claims the ex-CS drew the whole plan of Sh791 million NYS scandal from the get-go.

Kabura, who is regarded as the major suspect in the fraud before she pulled the trigger at Waiguru, owns four companies which are all implicated in the scandal.

She, along with  25 other suspects, were scheduled to be heard in court before Nairobi chief magistrate Daniel Ogembo on Tuesday.

But the court was told the prime suspect was rushed to the hospital in the early hours of Tuesday. This is after she fell sick on getting back from court on Monday where she had submitted her incriminating affidavit against Waiguru.

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Other suspects include former PS Peter Mangiti and former NYS boss Nelson Githinji.

Kabura revealed Waiguru planned a ‘decoy’ to distract public attention and deceive investigators from reaching to the end of the fraud.

According to her lawyer:

She was taken ill and we requested the court to waive her appearance today.

The prosecution did not object to the application. However the chief magistrate demanded for medical records on April 22, at the start of the trial.

Tuesday’s mention was supposed to determine if the parties were ready for the hearing. It could have also ensured the defence has been provided with all the necessary documents needed in the trial.

Kabura said Waiguru assured her of being arraigned in court over unsubstantial charges.

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She further disclosed that while she was seized by the authority, Waiguru’s accomplice Joseph Mugwanja, the director of banking fraud investigation department, came to bail her.

She added that she didn’t stay overnight in custody after her much-talked about arrest. This, in her words, is the courtesy of Waiguru who called her up to ask her if she was financially buoyant to bail herself.

All these began happening right after ex-CS Anne Waiguru declared bid for Nairobi governor seat following EACC declaration which freed her of any corrupt act and theft.