Malia Obama Caught On Footage Twerking At Music Festival

Would you have imagined Malia Obama twerking? Like seriously I wouldn’t, given how the public views the young woman and her sister: calm, mommy-and-daddy children.

There is no doubt that Malia and her younger sister Sasha have in the past been termed as one of the most disciplined First children to ever occupy the white house with no scandals or arrests. Keep in mind that we are not alleging that twerking makes anyone irresponsible, but c’mon we didn’t expect that Malia could party and shake that “thing” in public.

Anyways, the first daughter of United States of America Malia Obama skived off from the Democratic National Convention last week to attend Lollapalooza, the annual music fest in Chicago.

Last year, about 34 people were arrested and 238 people rushed to hospitals, mostly because of too much drug and alcohol use. One hospital reported treating teenagers with two to three times the legal alcohol limit after they mixed hard liquor with marijuana, ecstasy or cocaine.

Malia wasn’t scared after all Secret Service agents were all around to keep her safe amid the swarms of concert goers who might have other motives other than just enjoy a dance.

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She visibly had a good dancing time and was there only for the fun. She was caught on camera twerking and flipping up the shirt she had tied around her waist, showing off her shorts, while she partied with some of her girlfriends during the Mac Miller concert.

Also, in the video showing US President Barack Obama’s first-born daughter twerking at a music festival, the beautiful lady showed off her dancing skills which she probably had been saving for so long a time.

Also on the plus side, the 18 year old just graduated from high school and will be taking a gap year before joining Harvard University next year. Enough reasons to catch some fun!

Watch Malia Dance Below:

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Netizens took to Facebook to express their views on the 18 year old letting loose and her dance moves. One Niecy Williams encouraged Malia to enjoy herself after living a life under the microscope while at the White House.

“Oh to live a life under a microscope be free girl! Enjoy yourself, she’s doing nothing wrong & don’t let these judgmental people tell you different!”

Another user shared the same opinion of allowing a young girl catch some fun before furthering her education.

Yasmin Tiara Mattis wrote:

“She’s 18 at a concert with her girls. Let her live! She doesn’t even have a cup in her hand. Oh how people forget how the past presidents daughters were out here getting arrested and being sloppy drunk women.”

While Saraji Captca said,

“This child speaks multiple languages, and is going to Harvard. Let her dance!…. Or whatever we’re calling this.”

Chanda McPherson said,

“The only thing that upsets me about this video is her dance moves. Lol. Get it together girl!