Vintage Pictures Of Romantic Moments Mama Lucy Kibaki Shared With Hubby

Former first lady, Mama Lucy Kibaki died in a London hospital on Tuesday. She gave up the ghost in the arms of her husband, former president Mwai Kibaki. Surrounded also by her children, including Judy Wanjiku and Anthony Githinji, the iron lady said farewell to the earthly life at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London.

Her health had deteriorated weeks before she died, and efforts were made to curb the worsening situation. And all the while, ex-president Mwai Kibaki never left her side. In a show of the bond they shared, the 84-year-old former head of state also jetted to London on Monday, April 25 to be with his wife, a day before Mama Lucy Kibaki died at Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

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Sometime in the past, she forced him to make a public declaration of his monogamous status in a press conference, making the firm bonds of their love manifest to all.

Mama Lucy Kibaki, who was a teacher by profession and later rose through the ranks to become a school principal, resigned afterwards to raise their four children. Throughout their union, which started in their salad days – as they met in 1960 and courted for two years before walking down the aisle – the couple had lived in harmony and love until death did them part.

Here are some of Mama Lucy’s pictures that will expound what their marriage have been since they entered the union in 60s’.

Have A Glimpse Below:




The couple have four children together – Jimmy Kibaki, David Kagai, Judy Wanjiku and Anthony Githinji.

From left: Mary Wambui; Mama Lucy Kibaki; Lucy’s daughter, Judy






Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi, Mama Lucy Kibaki (2nd right) and Mama Ngina Kenyatta during Moi’s installation as President to succeed Kenyatta.



Trail Of Her Death:

Lucy Kibaki fell sick at her home in Muthaiga and was first taken to Gertrude Children’s Hospital before being transferred to Nairobi Hospital. The cause of her death is yet undisclosed but the Kibaki family spokesman Ngari Gituku had cleared the reports that Lucy Kibaki had heart complications and breathing problems.

He linked her ailment to atrophy –  a condition that mostly occurs in old age – where body tissue or an organ waste away or become shrunken, as a result of the degeneration of cells.

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The rumour about the former first lady’s health became the focus of attention, after she disappeared from the public eye over five years ago. She was spotted last in August 2010 during the promulgation of the new constitution. Following the event, she went quiet, and even missed her own brother’s burial ceremony, raising concerns from the public.

A few years to her husband’s retirement, her husband – Kibaki – had to grace a good number of farewell parties alone, before he transferred power to President Uhuru in April 2013 – an occasion she missed as well.