Mama Orange

Mama Orange, the old woman who is a staunch supporter of CORD, cried out earlier to leader Raila Odinga for help, complaining of living a poverty-stricken life despite her deep contribution to the party.

In a show of support, Raila Odinga met with the woman who asked the media to reach him for urgent meeting with him. But in the words of the woman, she didn’t get the amount of help she expected from the CORD leader.

Roselyn Akinyi, famous for ‘wearing’ oranges during campaigns, said on Monday that she went to see Raila at his office in Capitol Hill Nairobi, last week where she laid down her problems to him. After listening to her plight, he reportedly gave her ‘fare’ and sent her to Kidero for assistance.

According to the woman:

Someone called me and asked me to go Capitol Hill. I went, and thank God I met my party leader. I explained all my problems to him. He gave me something small for fare – Sh10,000 – and sent me to Kidero… to get me a house and start a business for me.

After she was sent off to meet Kidero, Roselyn revealed that she had made numerous attempts to see the Nairobi governor, but all to no avail.

She also said broad-chested security guards at City Hall never allowed her make it past the gate and so she has not been able to get an audience with the governor.

The committed ODM supporter dubbed Mama Orange expressed her wish to meet Raila and Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero on February 9.

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She asked for a chance to complain directly to the two politicians for her prolonged negligence.

She revealed she has been using her money to transverse to different ODM campaign venues to show her support to ODM and its leader for more than a decade starting since 2003.

She added that in one of the campaigns, particularly one held in 2013, she was injured while campaigning for Kidero. She also said the CORD leader has only greeted her during rallies and never pays attention afterwards.

Her life in the slums, which has always been mocked by people who think she has been a fan of a party that does not care, led her to seek for help from the politicians.

Mama Orange lived in Eastleigh Section Three, but in her words, was evicted by her landlord in June 2015 for supporting Raila’s ODM and still couldn’t afford to pay her rents consistently.

She said her five grandchildren – orphaned five years ago – dropped out of school for lack of fees.