Mama Orange

A committed ODM supporter dubbed Mama Orange who usually dons oranges during rallies has cried out for a chance to meet leader Raila Odinga and Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to complain directly to them for her prolonged negligence. 

Mama orange, whose real name is Roselyn Akinyi, said she has journeyed around just to prove her loyalty and commitment to ODM which she espouses their political dreams.

She however said that for over a decade of actively supporting this party, she only gained being called Mama Orange, and nothing more.

She likened her numerous trips across the country for ODM political campaigns with that of animals that cross the deserts, scale the mountains, travel across the forests, all the way to another land just to end up finding no food.

While analyzing the difficult experience during the numerous traverse which she has not been properly rewarded for, including spending her own money for transport and getting wounded in one of the campaigns, she pledges her unshakable allegiance to the party.

She stated that her love for the party and leader Raila is still very deep but that they should come save her from the mockery of people who remind her of her loyalty and regular appearance on TV that has yielded nothing.

The loyal ODM supporter revealed that her five grandchildren – whose father died half a decade ago – have quit school following her inability to meet the fees and demands of the school.

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She also said her landlord in the slum, where she resides, has thrown her out of the house for not being able to renew her rent for up to three months. She noted that meeting Raila in person will be the first ever as nothing followed after campaign for the party other than mere greetings.

The CORD leader hadn’t noticed her enough to have a personal chat with her but she now craves to speak to Raila more than ever with the way family challenges are growing rapidly by the day.

The grandmother revealed that out of her love and commitment for the party, she declined Jubilee politicians’ offer who had begged her to flee from ODM to join them.

Speaking on the Governor, she said that the governor himself is a nice person, only that he is surrounded by traitors and corrupt people who bring his efforts down.

This Mama claims she has tried telling the Governor earlier, but broad-chested security men had hindered her attempts to enter City Hall.