Man Seemingly Escaped Naivasha Accident; But Have You Seen Him?

Naivasha accident allegedly claimed 43 lives but one insists that his brother might have survived the accident somehow. 

It’s just about a week after the harrowing incident along the Naivasha-Nairobi highway that saw a canter explode into flames killing 43 travelers. Though some families have gradually lost the hope of ever seeing their loved ones alive, there are some glimmers of hope for some.

A Facebook user, identified as Innocent Daniel, has against all odds called out to the public to find his friend and brother.

According to him, anyone who might have seen a friend, Joseph Ngugi Murigi, should let him know. He says his friend was at the scene when the sad incident took place.


In desperation, Innocent claims to have gone to the scene itself, days after the incident to find if his friend was alive. This was after he had visited hospitals, police stations and homes.

His update reads in part:

“After looking for him since Sunday in Hospitals, Funeral Homes and police stations. I decided to go all the way to the scene of accident today and verify some stuff.”

On getting to the scene, he found what he feared; his friend’s car was indeed at the scene, only that there was no indication that his friend was inside the car as it was going up in flames.


There was no remains of him and nothing to prove he was burned.

Also on the plus side, an open left door of the wrecked Toyota Avensis apparently indicates that his friend and business partner might have made a miraculous escape.

He is now urging the public to help him find his friend. He thinks he might be somewhere probably unconscious, alive or lost and wants anyone with the knowledge of Joseph’s whereabouts, to report immediately. Innocent can be reached through this phone number 0724204687