male prostitute identified as grace arrested

A Mumias’ man, allegedly a male prostitute, was arrested by the police for disguising himself as a female prostitute.

The arrest was somewhat a rescue for the man posing as a woman as irked residents had wanted to lynch him for his actions.

The man who claim his name is ‘Grace’ is believed to be a member of a hoodlums who rob customers after they are lured into a hotel room with the ‘prostitutes.’

Residents say the man deceived a customer at a local bar before he was noticed. The customer reportedly got so into ‘Grace’ and then booked a hotel room. However, to his utter surprise ‘Grace’ was not the slinky woman he had met at the bar, but a man.

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A witness said the man looked exactly like a woman and even had the walking style, mannerism and carriage of a woman.

Mumias OCPD Farah Mohammed confirmed the arrest but said ‘Grace’ would be released as the complainant was yet to record a statement with the police.

male prostitute arrested in Kenya

It was not very clear if the man is actually a male prostitute or a robber. But Kenya has recorded some cases of male prostitution where men provide sexual services in return for payment. Those kind of men service clients of any gender, despite the vast majority being male.

In 2015, an openly gay man who lives in Kilimani, says there is an increasing number of young men living flamboyant lifestyles because they were servicing rich gay men.

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On the contrary, there are male sex workers who basically service only women. In Mombasa, the male sex workers are locally identified as Beach boys and they make up young men who search to service rich white female tourists visiting Kenya for more than the usual sea, sun and sand. They mostly sport dreadlocks and tight-fitting shirts that reveal their athletic torsi.

But the instance of dressing like a female with other female prostitute seems to be a rare case. And Grace somewhat nailed her look that nobody could tell until he got undressed.