Video: Man Beats His Wife, Daughter With Cutlass In Uganda

A gruesome incident took place in Uganda recently as an angry middle-aged man was caught in a video beating his wife and daughter with a cutlass.

It is alleged that the wife batterer started throwing fists at his wife when his daughter came in her defence with a stone to make him quit the beating.

The man then got a cutlass and used it in flogging the two without minding that they could have been injured by its sharp blade. Onlookers including able-bodied men stood by watching as he attacked the two women with the cutlass.

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The incident, which took place in a village in the East African country, brings to mind the level of assault Ugandan women still suffer in their marriages.

Watch Video Below: 


domestic assault: man beats wife with cutlass

domestic assault -man beats wife and daughter

domestic assault

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man beat his daughter and wife with a cutlass-4

man beat his daughter and wife with a cutlass-6

In 2014, Ugandan men were ranked as some of the leading wife beaters in Africa, according to a Scorecard compiled from reports made by different UN organs on domestic assault.

The surveys, which were conducted in 37 countries in Africa showed that Uganda recorded the highest percentage (60) of Men aged 15-49 years who consider hitting/beating their wives one of the ways they safeguard their relationships.

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Another man, identified as Musa Saka, was nabbed for poisoning his four children after his wife escaped death threats from him. The woman had sneaked out overnight after the farmer had initially threatened to murder her.

Kisii resident judge Joseph Karanja issued a 200 years jail sentence to Mr Misati, another man who had killed his four children in 2012. The sentence is to be served simultaneously with 50 years for each of the four counts of murder he had been charged with.