Video: Husband Catches Pastor In The Act With His Wife

An angry mob flooded out to pounce on pastor Sammy Ndwiga when he was found in a KPLC employee’s house at 3am with another man’s wife.

Pastor Sammy Ndwiga who, preaches at Faith of Miracles church, was found at Bonanza estate, Embu county and was painstakingly given a doze of punches, before administration police officers rescued him and the said woman.

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According to Pastor Sammy Ndwiga of Faith of Miracles church, he had visited the woman for prayers and counselling. He also claimed that he normally holds “special nightlong prayers with his faithful” and should not be beaten for his goodness.

The husband, who didn’t want to be disclosed, said he had received a tip-off concerning his wife’s infidelity with a supposed man of God. He said he had tried on different occasion’s to catch them red-handed but has failed in doing so.

The husband’s narration reads:

“I saw him enter the house at 9pm and called my friends before we stormed the house at 3am. I was called on Sunday after he was spotted but by the time I arrived, he had left. This time round, my wife thought I was far away and thus was not bothered.”

The man said he padlocked the cheater and his wife inside his house from outside to deter any attempt of sneaking out. On hearing noise, the pastor began praying loudly, to get him to think he was there for prayers.

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The angry mob that had came out to throw fists at the clergyman outside the house questioned why he only visits for the said prayers each time her husband goes away. The pastor answered that he had asked the husband to join them but he never welcomed him.

He complained:

“I came for prayers and nothing else. I usually hold special nightlong prayers with my faithful on Wednesday. I will and would no longer conduct prayers in people’s homes.”

The mother of three defended the situation saying she had a “special need that she wanted the pastor to fulfill through prayers”.

She was quoted in the report as saying:

“I heard my husband knocking as we said the 3am prayers. The pastor had arrived at 10pm from Nairobi and we decided to pray for the safe journey he had,”

The husband claimed that his wife is a serial cheat who had had affairs with some of their tenants, and that he had even reported the same to the police twice.

“There was a doctor who used to stay here and sometimes people spotted her coming out of the house while skimpily dressed. When I discovered it, the medic moved.”

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