Man Had Sex With A Neighbour’s Wife But Something Strange Followed Instantly

A man develops breasts in Westlands but the reason has got many talking. Generally, when it comes to extramarital relationships, people give two excuses and the first one is usually the most said; because we are humans and are bound to sin, straying included.

The second explores problems in relationship and things like passion fading away. Others may include that partners feel lonely, and go to find someone who treats them better or who appreciates them more than their current spouse, and so on.

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You can simply say people are tired of their partners, so they look for love and affection elsewhere including in a neighbour’s house.

That’s what a 39-year-old man identified as James Muutua did recently that landed him into probably a lifetime problem. The one-time chief at a hotel in Westlands developed big boobs he slept with a neighbour’s wife.

man develops breasts

Reports say he had been cautioned countless times to stay away from the man’s wife but he out of defiance chose not to. It got so far to the extent that the man threatened to cause him trouble that will haunt him almost forever.

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But he continued until he grew sagging breasts after ignoring the warning.

James Mutua, 39, had been told by the woman’s husband that he would be taught a haunting lesson if he crossed the red line

According to the Nairobian, the man was relived of his service with five others in early 2015 before he resorted to selling fruits and vegetables within Westlands to sustain his family.

As we know, big breasts are every woman’s dream. However, for James his big sagged boobs are causing him sleepless nights as even doctors might not help him.

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Though men can grow breasts naturally because of some hormones. But in Africa it is widely believed to be caused by a very bad omen or repercussion for an ill done to human and spirits as in the case of the man cheating with his neighbour’s wife.

man develops breasts

Early this month, a man who was allegedly going through deliverance in developed instant breasts in the course of the prayers. It is not clear where the deliverance actually took place but reports say it happened in a church located in Nigeria and is headed by Nigerian prophet TB Joshua. It also says the unidentified man was a wizard possessed by breast demon.

Also in Zimbabwean, a man developed breasts after stealing from a “fenced homestead. He was said to have stolen a cattle from the farmhouse when they popped out of the blue.