Suicidal Man Jumps From Nairobi Tower; But Survives.

An unidentified man jumped from the top a Nairobi tower in a bid to take his own life, but survives with two injuries. The suicidal young man jumped today from the top floor of Nairobi’s Hazina Towers.

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He landed on a car and sustained severe injuries. Meanwhile it is alleged that onlookers who arrived at the scene were catching the sight of the incident on their cameras rather than rushing the injured man to the nearest hospital.

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He was however later taken to the Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment by medics for treatments.

Here Are The Photos From The Incident: 

Nairobi Tower-1




Nairobi Tower-3


Nairobi Tower

As of yet, nobody is certain as to the exact reason why this man should contemplate committing the shocking act. But reports say the middle aged man claimed that he was tired of life and attempted to jump from the fourth floor of the second tier of the towers.

A guard at the building named Jessica Mosoti, told News24

He jumped from the fourth floor and said he was tired with life. We tried to help him but he still jumped and he is now injured.

The identity of the man, who is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Nairobi, is yet unclear. The incident has been reported to the local police, and investigations are ongoing as to the reason behind his suicidal tendencies. The public has been advised to hold on, as attempts are being made to identify him and locate his family.

The police thinks he might be from Nairobi or might have been raised there, as he seemed to know several parts of the city.

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