Man Sets Wife Ablaze For Reading His Texts

Dorcas Awinja, a 27 year old woman from Ipali, a small village in Vihiga County, was set on fire by her husband, a 33 years old man, for going through his texts.

She was badly burned, 63 per cent of her entire body – her limbs, her breasts and entire back, as well as her private parts – severely affected by the inflammation.

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According to eye witness accounts, Dorcas had accosted her husband about the texts she had seen on his phone which look like it came from a lover with whom he might be having an affair. The confrontation produced a sharp reply from her husband. The ensuing exchange of words was short before he grabbed paraffin, poured a good amount on her nylon dress, setting her ablaze immediately.

Dorcas, a mother of two, managed to explain that she had closed from work – selling vegetables – and had just finished preparing dinner for her husband and children. The man’s phone began to ring, but he kept ignoring the calls. After a while, a text message came through and when Dorcas picked up the phone, she was shocked to see a romantic text from a woman. Bewildered and angry, she asked him about it and a sharp argument ensued. In a sudden outburst of temper, he allegedly poured paraffin on her. Then he struck a match, setting her on fire.

On fire and in pains, Dorcas raised alarm. Her neighbours soon gathered, and they rushed her to the Coptic Hospital in nearby Maseno. She further revealed that her husband took off, disappearing into the night, and has been calling friends and relatives, telling them she set herself on fire under mysterious situations.

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The incident was reported at the Luanda Police Station and the police say they are yet to locate the man. The police have actively been on the look out for him after the victim gave them the green light to arrest her husband for the abuse.

The Coptic Hospital referred the victim to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Nakuru, and currently admitted in Nakuru, Dorcas has a team of doctors and nurses taking care of her and cleaning her as they administer treatment